Wire Rope Mesh Railing

Wire Rope Mesh Railing

Wire rope mesh railing-wire rope mesh is a new type of railing construction material. It is very popular as a filler for railings or fences. It can be used to fill various railings such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, and bridges. The application of wire rope mesh railing is a very meaningful reform. This application makes full use of the advantages of steel wire rope nets. It combines the function, aesthetics, and service life of the steel wire rope net.
In addition, apart from investment, steel wire rope netting almost involve no maintenance costs.
The reason why wire rope mesh is widely used as a filler for railings and fences is that it has excellent perspective and is almost invisible from a distance. In this way, designers and builders can arbitrarily deploy in any position, and can implement a variety of design methods. In many cases, steel wire rope nets provide designers with new aesthetics and creative choices.
The wire rope net is soft, flexible and elastic, which can meet the requirements of various shapes. Moreover, the mesh panel of the steel wire rope can be customized, so as to realize a personalized design, and at the same time, unnecessary waste can be avoided.
One of the most important factors of wire rope netting as a filler for railings or fences is its safety. The steel wire rope net is woven purely by hand with stainless steel wire. Its breaking force is 7 times that of the wire mesh of the same diameter. Under the premise of satisfying lightness, the steel wire rope net railing is also very strong and stable in structure and impact resistant.

Wire rope net railings can choose stainless steel ferrule mesh or stainless steel rope net as filler. The stainless steel ferrule net is formed by crimping seamless stainless steel ferrules and stainless steel wire ropes. Like stainless steel rope nets, they are made of standard stainless steel 304, 316. In addition to the same advantages as the stainless steel rope net, the stainless steel ferrule net is more beautiful.

The advantages of wire rope mesh :

1. Flexible, soft and elastic, with strong plasticity. It can meet the design of a variety of shapes and even the application of 3D graphics.
2. Strong weather resistance, never rust, and the service life is more than 30 years.
3. Impact resistance, large breaking force, solid and durable overall structure.
4. Lightweight, good perspective, almost invisible from a distance.
5. Beautiful appearance, ecological and environmental protection, it is a big landscape in itself.
stainless steel cable mesh (2)
stainless steel ferrule rope mesh

The specifications of commonly used wire rope nets are:

The selection of steel wire rope net as the filler of railings or fences needs to select the appropriate specifications according to the specific application. At the same time, choose the appropriate material according to the environment. We will customize the best plan for you according to your needs. The rope diameter, aperture diameter, and material can all be customized. If you need specific specifications, please click on the specification list of wire rope mesh and wire ferrule mesh.

The application of wire rope net in railing or fence: