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The Zoo Enclosure Mesh Order Completed and Shipped

The order for zoo enclosure mesh was completed and sent to the zoo in the United States this week. The type of mesh used depends on the user’s project requirements. Through communication with the user, it is understood that this batch of zoo mesh will be applied to the leopard exhibition project. Therefore, we recommend black stainless steel wire rope mesh with a rope diameter of 3.2mm for our customer. Stainless steel zoo enclosure mesh has strong pressure resistance and can be used for big cat exhibition projects. The stainless steel material is turned into a black mesh by oxidation co […]
eagle enclosure mesh

Solution for eagle enclosure mesh: choosing stainless steel material

Building ground bird aviary is an essential way to protect birds by keeping wild animals out of their habitats. There are many products on the market that can be used as building materials for bird aviary enclosures: wooden cages, wire mesh, nylon mesh and so on. You can choose the appropriate bird aviary material according to the size of your birds and their living habits. If your birds have strong chewing ability, please don’t choose wooden cages to avoid damaging your cage. If you want to choose one of the best materials for your eagle enclosure mesh, please read this article in detai […]

Stainless steel aviary bird cage netting order completed

Recent orders for stainless steel aviary bird cage netting have been successfully completed and delivered to customers. With the advantages of the mesh material itself, more and more zoos or bird parks are choosing stainless steel zoo mesh as aviary bird cage netting. Users in the choice of aviary netting, usually consider the durability and safety of the netting. The soft and flexible stainless steel zoo mesh has a service life of up to 30 years, which can reduce maintenance costs. Stainless steel zoo mesh is also highly see-through and will not obstruct the view of visitors. The eco-friendly […]
zoo fence mesh

Zoo fence mesh create more animal welfare in zoos

Promoting animal welfare has become a key skill that is highly valued in today’s modern society. This skill involves advocating for the well-being and ethical treatment of animals in different industries and professions. Whether you work directly with animals, understanding and promoting animal welfare is essential. Zoo professionals are increasingly concerned with policy initiatives related to animal welfare. Why animal welfare should be promoted? Promoting animal welfare is important not only for the ethical treatment of animals, but also for the overall well-being of our society. This […]

Stainless steel small bird aviary netting order completed and shipped

Delivery of the small bird aviary netting order was completed today. The order was for safe stainless steel aviary netting for an Australian customer for his small birds. The user contacted us through our website and asked us to recommend a safe and non-toxic aviary mesh for birds. After several discussions with the user, the user finally chose the stainless steel small bird aviary netting. The aperture diameter of 25mm x 25mm for his small birds as his first choice. The stainless steel small bird aviary netting will go through several compression tests before shipping for our users, and the q […]
Application of Sustainable Stainless Steel Wire Rope Net

Application of Sustainable Stainless Steel Wire Rope Net in Innovative Zoo

Buildings are one of the world’s largest consumers of energy. As a result, the concept of sustainable building has emerged, which is seen as a key area of focus for environmental protection and sustainable development. Among them, zoo construction materials are particularly important as the basic building blocks of zoo buildings. It is an important driving force in advancing sustainable development. Zoo experts recommend recyclable stainless steel zoo wire rope net materials. Sustainable materials in zoos can drive architectural innovation, improve environmental friendliness. It can prov […]

Stainless steel oxidation mesh for zoo applications ordered to USA

The order for stainless steel oxidation mesh has been completed for production. The shipment has been sent to the USA this week. This is item #2476 black stainless steel hand-woven wire rope mesh with 2.4mm rope diameter and 76mm x 76mm aperture ordered by a regular customer, which will be used for zoo construction. In order to adapt to modern zoo construction requirements and standardize zoo design, more and more architects adopt stainless steel woven wire mesh as zoo construction material. Stainless steel oxidation mesh is compiled with stainless steel wire rope and oxidation coloring method […]