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"If you have a monkey, you will definitely keep it in a stainless steel monkey enclosure mesh."

-- George Schaller (President of Monkey Park)

If you have ever raised monkeys, you must have heard it. This is enough to show how important the stainless steel monkey enclosure mesh is to the monkey in the zoo. Stainless steel monkey enclosure mesh is suitable for most monkeys, whether these monkeys are as big as gorilla, or they are small as spider monkeys. Similar as: monkey enclosure mesh, monkey exhibit mesh, monkey cages, monkey barrier netting, monkey fencing, golden monkey exhibit mesh, spider monkey fencing net, monkey enclosure, monkey cage netting, baboons enclosure fence mesh, apes enclosure netting, monkey fence mesh, monkey enclosure mesh, monkey enclosure nets, monkey mesh, monkey enclosure covered mesh, monkey exhibit mesh, etc.
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The stainless steel wire rope mesh is a new type of zoo-specific ecological net, which is hand-woven by 304/316 steel cable. The stainless steel wire rope mesh has many characteristics, making it perfect for monkey enclosure mesh, suitable for large, medium and small monkeys.
  • 1、Stainless steel wire rope mesh structure is simple, durable, and high security. No matter how naughty of your monkeys, the monkey enclosure mesh can guarantee monkeys safety.
  • 2、Stainless steel rope mesh has good elasticity and flexibility, and can satisfy the monkey climbing habits. Stainless steel wire rope mesh surface smooth and flat, will not hurt the monkey's fur.
  • 3、Non-rust, easy to clean, environment-friendly, pollution-free, breathable and more open living space can provide a healthy living environment for monkeys.
  • 4、Because of the stainless steel wire rope mesh has good light transmission, it will not obscuring the sights of tourists, and can provide the best interaction conditions for tourists and monkeys.
  • 5、Extremely low cost of maintenance, and the service life over 30 years.
  • 6、Stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible, which can be applied to a variety of shapes.
  • 7、Wide range of applications, it can be installed in cold, hot, dry, humid, mountain, wetland and other climatic conditions and topographic conditions. The stainless steel wire rope mesh can be adapted to any harsh environment.

The monkey enclosure mesh is generally fully enclosed. Usually planted trees or erected easy climbing decoration in large enclosures. The support structure usually uses steel columns to connect the cables to form a support system, then open holes or channel mesh will be set up between adjacent monkey enclosure mesh to increase the range of monkey activities and provide more viewing methods for the public.
The monkey tunnel mesh system diameter is usually controlled 1.5 times the height of the monkey when standing upright, and the spacing of the rings in the channel is generally determined by the direction of the mesh and the diameter of the channel. If the mesh direction is consistent with the channel direction, the scanning interval is usually between 1.5 and 2 times the diameter. If the mesh direction is perpendicular to the channel direction, the scanning interval is usually 2.5 times the diameter, and the two ends of the channel need to be fixed.
In general, different types of monkeys need to choose different mesh sizes, so can better protect the safety of the monkey. The stainless steel rope mesh single panel has a maximum area of 3,000 square feet. Whether the materials, specifications, mesh sizes and colors, we can customize it according to the customer's requirements.
The following are the product specifications commonly used for monkeys:

Product IDWire Rope DiameterMesh ApertureUnit Weight
#16381.6mm(1/16" )38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5")0.67 kg/m²
#20382.0mm(5/64" )38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5")1.10 kg/m²
#20512.0mm(5/64" )51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")0.80 kg/m²
#20602.0mm(5/64" )60mm x 60mm (2.4" x 2.4")0.70 kg/m²
#20762.0mm(5/64" )76mm x 76mm (3" x 3")0.51 kg/m²
#24512.4mm(3/32" )51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")1.02 kg/m²
#24602.4mm(3/32" )60mm x 60mm (2.4" x 2.4")0.87 kg/m²
#24762.4mm(3/32" )76mm x 76mm (3" x 3")0.72 kg/m²