Tunnel Channel Mesh

Tunnel Channel Mesh

Stainless steel tunnel channel mesh is a new type of building structure in zoo construction. It has changed the inherent mode of the zoo's traditional animal cages, and made the animal's activity area diversified and naturalized. Tunnel mesh is widely used in zoos, and the commonly used application cases are: monkey tunnel channel mesh , tiger tunnel channel mesh, etc.
Flexible, elastic and lightweight stainless steel woven rope mesh is the preferred mesh for animal tunnel passages. The animal tunnel is mainly by inserting a steel ring into the cylindrical shape enclosed by a stainless steel rope net to expand it and provide a suspension point. It can then be suspended from trees, steel structures or within existing zoo structures. This kind of structure is suitable for light-weight monkeys. For larger beasts like tigers, the structure of the tunnel net needs to be changed.
If the tiger tunnel channel mesh is the connection between two cages in the air, it is necessary to add a steel structure at the bottom of the steel ring as a support. Thereby ensuring the safety of the channel building.
The application of stainless steel tunnel channel mesh in zoos has many advantages:
1.Increase the activity space of animals. It gives the animal more freedom and inspires greater natural behavior in the animal.
2.Increase the joy of life for animals. The animal channel mesh system increases the activity area of animals from the land to the air, and even from the zoo to the area where people live, thus making its habitat more rich and interesting.
3.It is convenient for tourists to watch animals from multiple angles.
How to choose stainless steel tunnel channel mesh?
1.Determine the specification of the stainless steel woven mesh. Or tell us about the animals we keep and we recommend the appropriate net specification.
2.Determine the mesh panel size of the rope mesh. The height of the mesh panel size of the rope mesh is the perimeter of the circular channel, and the length is the length of the tunnel.
3.Determine the color of the hand-woven mesh. Liulin Wire Mesh offers natural stainless steel and black rope mesh.
The installation of the tunnel mesh is generally done on site. Liulin produces according to the customer's customized mesh panel size, and can be directly connected by wire rope around the steel ring on site.The following is a schematic diagram of the mesh panel size of some channel nets:

The following are the mesh specifications of the commonly used tunnel channel mesh:

The following are application cases of animal tunnel channel mesh:

At Liulin you can get the following services:

1. Free samples can be provided for your testing and reference.
2. Installation accessories and tools can be provided, allowing you to easily achieve DIY
3. Orders are subject to a deposit system. Before production, 30% deposit will be charged and the balance will be paid before shipment.
For more service and ordering details, please feel free to contact us.