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Stainless steel wire rope mesh can be used for the construction of large bird aviary netting. It is hand woven with 304 or 316 steel cable.
It is suitable for all kinds of large aviary net, such as: eagle enclosure mesh, vulture enclosure netting, bald eagle aviary net and other raptor aviary nets. At the same time, it is also an ideal net for peacock fence, ostrich fence, flamingo fence, red-crowned crane fence and other large bird aviary mesh.
Product code: #2051
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Stainless steel wire rope mesh has good flexibility, and smooth surface does not harm the bird's feathers.Its highly transparent nature makes the bird aviary more beautiful and intuitive. It is not only convenient for tourists to watch birds from multiple angles, but also provides convenience for building a living environment that is suitable for birds to inhabit.
In addition, safety and ecology, not easy to rust, corrosion resistance, and long service life are also the advantages of stainless steelwire rope nets. And it requires little or no maintenance during use, and is a very cost-effective metal mesh.
Different specification of wire mesh are required for cages of birds of different sizes. This is also to better protect the safety of birds. At Liulin, we can all provide you with the best solution. At the same time, the mesh panel of the bird aviary net can also be customized for free.

The following is the application introduction of common large bird avairy mesh:

1. Eagle enclosure mesh, Eagle aviary mesh
An eagle enclosure constructed with stainless steel wire rope net not only provides a safe habitat for eagles. At the same time, it also provides a relatively open space for eagles. Stainless steel wire rope mesh helps the eagle aviary have unlimited height and breadth.. This allows the birds to fly freely. For the eagle net, the commonly used rope net specifications are: mesh#2038,Mesh#2051.
2. Peacock Fence Mesh, Peacock Enclosure Mesh
The stainless steel wire rope mesh produced by Liulin Wire Mesh is a simple and durable zoo net. Its application on the peacock fence mesh not only protects the peacock's gorgeous feathers from damage, but also provides the maximum viewing angle for tourists.
Peacock enclosures often require large spaces. Liulin stainless steel rope mesh can be customized with large mesh panel. This is very convenient in the process of fence installation. Customers often choose mesh#2051, mesh#2076 two specifications of wire mesh as peafowl fence mesh.
3. Flamingo Fence Netting, Flamingo Enclosure Mesh
As a special net for bird aviary , stainless steel woven rope nets are definitely the best choice for flamingo fence netting. The material of the stainless steel wire rope mesh is stainless steel 304 and 316. For a long -term flamingo who lives in a humid environment for a long time, it is more appropriate to choose a 316 wire mesh as a flamingo enclosure. The 316 rope mesh is more stable than the 304 rope mesh, and the corrosion resistance is stronger.
4.Other Large Bird Aviary Netting
In addition, the hand-woven net is also an ideal net for ostrich fence mesh, red-crowned crane exhibition net, toucan aviary net and other large bird aviary net.

Crane aviary fence , 400㎡
Product spec: #2051
Cable diameter:2.0mm
Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm
Ostrich fence , 540㎡
Product spec: #2476
Cable diameter:2.4mm
Mesh aperture: 76mm x 76mm
Peafowl enclosure , 200㎡
Product spec: #2051
Cable diameter:2.0mm
Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm
Ibises enclosure , 300㎡
Product spec: #2051
Cable diameter:2.0mm
Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm

The following are the product specifications commonly used in birds aviary:
Product IDWire Rope DiameterMesh ApertureUnit Weight
#12201.2mm(3/64" )20mm x 20mm (0.8" x 0.8")0.73 kg/m²
#12251.2mm(3/64" )25mm x 25mm (1" x 1")0.55 kg/m²
#12381.2mm(3/64" )38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5")0.40 kg/m²
#16251.6mm(1/16" )25mm x 25mm (1" x 1")1.10 kg/m²
#16381.6mm(1/16" )38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5")0.67 kg/m²
#16511.6mm(1/16" )51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")0.55 kg/m²
#20382.0mm(5/64" )38mm x 38mm (1.5" x 1.5")1.10 kg/m²
#20512.0mm(5/64" )51mm x 51mm (2" x 2")0.80 kg/m²