Flexible Cable Ferrule Mesh

wire rope ferruled mesh
zoo fence cable mesh
stainless steel rope ferruled zoo mesh
stainless steel ferruled mesh panels
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Flexible Cable Ferrule Mesh is a soft metal net made of seamless stainless steel ferrules and stainless steel wire rope crimping. The beautiful appearance and high strength of stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh are favored by customers.
Flexible Cable Ferrule Mesh is also called stainless steel cable ferrule mesh, stainless steel ferrule mesh, ferrule mesh, stainless steel wire rope sleeves mesh, stainless steel cable crimps netting, stainless steel rope ferruled zoo mesh, wire rope ferruled safety net, wire cable crimps mesh etc.
Stainless steel cable ferruled mesh is flexible, soft, durable, and easy to install. It is widely used in various construction projects, including railing filling, balustrade, green wall façade, zoo fence, animal enclosures, decorative net, staircases, safety net, and many other applications.

Ferrule Mesh

The stainless steel cable ferrule mesh has many advantages because using premium quality stainless steel materials. Same as cable woven mesh, wire rope ferrule type mesh also has excellent quality. AISI 304 stainless steel is the common material for the option. And AISI 316 grade stainless steel has higher corrosion resistance and can be used in environments with high requirements such as the seaside.
In addition, the beautiful appearance is also one of the advantages of ferrule mesh. And this is also a reason for being recognized by customers.
Except for the quality and elegant appearance, another advantage is fast delivery. It requires a shorter production time than woven mesh. Also, the panel sizes can be customized. We have to admit that the customized cable ferrule mesh panel size makes installation quite simple.
Flexibility, softness, and sturdiness have become the most attractive feature of stainless steel ferrule mesh. It does not matter whether it is folded or roll. The packaging is small and convenient for transportation.
Stainless steel ferrule mesh panels have two types - horizontal and vertical. Users can decide which to order according to their project needs.
Generally, the mesh opening angle of 60 degrees is the best. Not as the stainless steel woven mesh, 90 degrees would be too much.
There are several types of ferrules: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, 8-shape, oval shape, eye ferrules, and open ferrules.
stainless steel ferrules
8-shape copper ferrules for wire rope mesh
8-shape aluminum ferrule
open buckles
eye ferrule and oval ferrule


Stainless steel flexible cable ferrule mesh has an elegant appearance. The safety of the stainless steel wire rope ferrule net is certified. Stainless steel mesh with sleeves can be used as decorative railing mesh and also can be used for safety nets.
Ferrule type mesh also is a good material in the construction of zoo enclosures and fences. Many well-known animal enclosures and exhibitions in the world are made of stainless steel wire rope woven nets or ferrule nets.
steel mesh x tend cable nets
flexoble cable ferrule mesh

Custom Service

The mesh panel of Liulin Wire Mesh can be customized. From the size of the mesh panel, the rope diameter of the wire mesh, and the aperture of the mesh, we can all accept customization.
Liulin provide the rope ferrule mesh by rope diameter from 1.2mm - 3.2mm (Available1.2mm,1.6mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.2mm rope for mesh.), aperture from40mm - 260mm and other customized options: mesh diamond diretion and edge design etc.
SS Rope Ferrule mesh can be manufactured into horizontal diamond and vertical diamond direction, which affects the cost. Sometimes with the same mesh width and length, when they are of different diamond directions, it will cause much difference in cost. If the direction of the diamond isn't so important to your design, you can consider our suggestion.
Edge design is the most important to rope ferrule mesh. In real life, the mesh is required to fit in frames of rectangular, trapezoid, triangular and other irregular shapes. When the mesh has a suitable border finish, you can install it on the frame directly, quickly and easily. Border pattern includes basic, loops and eyelets. It depends on the final panel dimension, mesh diamond direction, panel shape, etc. Different edge solution has different costs.


Stainless steel ferrule cable mesh has a very wide range of specifications, providing various applications and solutions.
Wire rope ferrule mesh is widely used, with different wire cable diameters and different mesh opening sizes. Therefore it can be applied to stainless steel railing fences, stainless steel animal enclosures, stainless steel decorative mesh, stainless steel railing mesh, cable mesh for tiger fence, etc.
CodeWire Cable DiameterWire Cable Diameter(inch)Aperture (mm)Wire Cable StructureMin.Breaking Load(KN)
40 x 697×71.22
#12501.2mm3/64"50 x 877×71.22
#16501.6mm1/16"50 x 877×72.13
#16601.6mm1/16"60 x 1047×72.13
#16801.6mm1/16"80 x 1397×72.13
#20602.0mm5/64"60 x 1047×72.94
#20702.0mm5/64"70 x 1217×72.94
#20802.0mm5/64"80 x 1397×72.94
#201002.0mm5/64"100 x 1737×72.94
#24602.4mm3/32"60 x 1047×74.18
#24902.4mm3/32"90 x 1567×74.18
#241002.4mm3/32"100 x 1737×74.18
#241202.4mm3/32"120 x 2087×74.18
#32903.2mm1/8"90 x 1567×197.82
#321003.2mm1/8"100 x 1737×197.82
#321203.2mm1/8"120 x 2087×197.82
#321503.2mm1/8"150 x 2607×197.82