Manufacturer of zoo animal enclosure products – supplier and direct factory

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Manufacturer of zoo animal enclosure products – supplier and direct factory

Liulin is a supplier and manufacturer of zoo’s animal enclosure products and we have extensive experience in assisting the designers and builders of cages. The production process of stainless steel wire mesh determines the quality of the product, and we pay enough attention to all aspects. We offer more customization options: wire rope material, wire rope specifications, mesh hole size, oversized mesh size, rich accessories and even DIY mounting tool kits.

zoo animal enclosure products

  1. Safe and durable performance. We believe that the zoo’s animal enclosure products are of primary priority and safety and durability.
  2. More pursuit of beauty. The future animal cage design is more beautiful and more perfect. Not only do they offer animal exhibits, but they are also a work of art in cages.
  3. Animal cages are integrated with the environment. Animal cages should be close to the natural environment and the fence should be constructed to fit the entire cage. You can choose from a variety of presentation methods, such as stealth and personality.

We are committed to long-term projects for animal fencing and provide a long-term, safe environment for animals. If you agree with us or are interested in our zoo animal cage fence products, please contact me.